EasyFeed Breastfeeding Blanket

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The EasyFeed Breastfeeding Blanket closes the gap between nursing rooms and feeding publicly. EasyFeed - The Breastfeeding Blanket wraps around the feeding mother covering the breast, stomach and back area which is usually exposed during feeding. This provides the feeding mother and her baby with privacy; to enjoy the breastfeeding experience yet not to close off from the rest of the world. This excellent 100% polyester Dri-Waffle antibacterial EasyFeed blanket comes to you in an elegant, neutral taupe shade and is ideal for taking everywhere.

What is Dri-Waffle AB?
 Dri-Waffle Anti Bacterial fabric is a low-maintenance, easy wash-and-wear fabric. Dri-Waffle Anti Bacterial fabric features rapid water-wicking and diffusion characteristics. This means that fabric will draw moisture away from the skin without sticking, rapidly diffusing and drying to leave your cool and comfortable.

As well as breathability and excellent drying qualities, Dri-Waffle Anti-Bacterial fabric has supersoft handle for next-to-skin comfort.  Its fabric finish is UV rated and designed to minimise contact with bacteria.

Dri-Waffle Anti Bacterial fabric is suitable for all types of weather, particularly trans-seasonal conditions.

• EasyFeed Breastfeeding Blanket - Taupe.
• Dri-waffle 100% polyester anti-bacterial fabric.
• Allows breastfeeding mothers to breastfeed in public without exposure.
• Offers mothers a new level of freedom and comfort.
• Rapid water wicking and diffusion characteristics.
• Highly breathable design.
• In an elegant taupe shade.
• Ideal for taking with you everywhere.


































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